Saturday, December 30, 2006

Would you go see a local game?

So here are the results of this survey.

So this means that only 4 in 10 of you would go watch a local football game. Incidently, 2 in 10 of you would NOT go to see a local game.
Why is this so?
Don't we all want our game to grow?
Tell me: why would YOU go see a local game? What needs to be done before YOU can go see a local game?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Perceptions. A survey.

Nyayo National Stadium
Originally uploaded by moshthepitt.
Scenes of empty stadiums are not uncommon during even the best matches in the Kenya premier league.

In an attempt to find out why, I came across the startling discovery that people thought going to a stadium, to watch Kenyan football, was a bit 'extreme' and even unsafe. Most people simply laughed at my suggestion for them to accopmany me to the next match.

Yet these guys are die hard football fans whop wouldn't bet an eye-lid before heading to Tacos for the Manu-Arsenali game or even a local rugby game.

I'm not sure wat this means. Therefore, I'm extending my survey to you guys. Please vote on the poll below.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

We're Back!!

Some of you were probably wondering what the hell happened to this blog. I mean, its been what two months?

Well, never fear, kenyansoccer is here. (I always wanted to say that!). Its just been a rally busy couple of months that has kept me away from blogging. Besides, we all know the shambles that our Kenyan soccer is in; it was kinda depressing blogging about all the shenanigans.

But the premier league is about to re-start and we're still praying for the Harambee stars so its about time we witness the return of Kenyan Soccer to the blogsphere!

I've got some exciting news: I'm very close to securing the use of a camera(+video) phone for this blog so you should expect loads of pics and clips when the matches start! Have a lovely day, everybody!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


It was the same old crap this week. I dont even want to talk(write) about it!
Why? Would you want to write about Olaba coming home with badfuls of excuses but no results and a premier league in shambles, with teams like Sony scheduled to play to matches at the same time, in competing leagues?

Somebody save us.

But we have some good news (eat that! Sambu & co.), the first Kenyan to play for a top US team in the MLS. Read about it!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Live Soccer

Let's not talk about the sad news of the 3-1 loss to Angola.

Instead, lets focus on the positives, KFF's mandate ended. Lets hope that KFF's dirty hand will be permanately out of the Harambee Stars. Today, the Stars' management board takes over. Cool.

In another news, I thought it prudent to share this comment by Anonymous with you:

Anonymous said...

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Last weekend, the Harambee Stars drew 0-0 with the Taifa stars of Tanzania.

Normally,I would look at this news as yet another blow to Kenyan football. Kenya was and should still be the absolute soccer kings of our part of the world!

But it was Olaba's first game in charge, following the Lama fiasco. I like Olaba's confidence, although I'm not too sure that he can deliver-we drew with TZ! This weekend, we play Angola in Angola. I don't expect too much from that match-I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a respectable draw.

What I am really forward to is what comes after Angola. The Harambee Stars management board takes over. Exciting!
Say it with me: "The Storm is Over."

In other totally unrelated news, we have some updates on tricool, superblogs and explorers.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Kamanda to the rescue!

Yesterday, sports Minister Maina Kamanda made my day!

He created a body of corporate-types to manage the Harambee Stars, including the cash. Basically, this was because KFF has failed us and so they should move over and watch the 'Proper Management of Harambee stars' show.

This is great news, because I believe the people appointed to the management body are high-achievers and people of integrity who will deliver. The body is headed by Nation Media Group's Kiboro and includes other corporate hot shots like Ester about it here
Kamanda also issued an ultimatum to KFF and KPL, threatening to dissovle KFF. Cool!

Today, there's going to be a happy ending to this story, unlike this one.

Question: Is a blog part of the media?
Regardless of the answer, I'm all for the media blackout (see the 'happy ending' link).

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lovin' IT

Talk about drama.And to think that our local TV broadcasing actually pay to import soaps from a far as South America,Spain..... when the real shit is happening in our back yard.
The league makes kina Diego look like amateurs

Stay tuned KFF/KFF-PL or is it KPL will start showing on saturday and sunday between 8.00-9.00 on your channel of choice.
Dont miss it as the drama unfolds.

Ps For those who are not in Kenya sacks to you.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Silver Lining

Every cloud has a silver lining, so 'they' say.

Does this apply to the dark nimbus cloud that is Kenya soccer/Kenya football? And while we're asking questions, who are 'they', anyway?

Yes. Even though Sambu and Co. are seemingly doing their utmost to ruin our game, we still love it and we still play it. We even sometimes play so well that we write home about it. Cool, isn't it?

The Kenya Under 20 team did just that, admist all the hulla balloo that arose from Dan Omino and his cronies' highly questionable management of the game in recent times. The Kenyan lads beat Sudan 1-0 to reach the semi-finals of the East and Central Africa Youth Championships in Burundi. They might go on to lift the trophy. Thay beat all odds! Including those thrown at them by KFF! (They had to travel to the tournament by bus-a 36 hour road trip!, etc.)

Or take the example of the Safaricom Super 8 tournament, whose organisers have clearly read 'How to Popularize Sport'. This tournament has been a massive success, pulling in crowds that we all though impossible at our stadiums, except for national-team games.

Bottom line: KFF you can't ruin our football completely. No matter how hard you try. You'll go thew same way you came. Sooner or later.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Erase and Rewind

So the new KPL( i.e. the not backed by KFF/KFF-PL) premier league started this weekend.
If youhave'nt heard the news, we're back to square 0. There gonna be two rival leauges in Kenya.
There's a KPL league and a KFF-PL leage.

Tusker won 3-0.

Sikuenda kuona match. I'm disillusioned. Where did it all go wrong? Does Omino care? Sambu? Munro? Does anyone care?

We just want to love our football and be proud of it. Don't make it political.

Erase and Rewind.

Can Kamanda help?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Its Busines as Usual

This week, the KFF issued the matches' schedule for the next season of the top league in Kenya. While at this, they also proposed the formation of a company to manage top flight football in Kenya. Nice, eh?

In the meantime, the KPL(a company formed a few years back to, you gussed it, manage the top flight football in Kenya) met and discussed matters soccer, also. They reduced the number of teams to 16 and, I think, also issued their own version of the match schedule.

Not to be outdone, Lama went on a one-man strike demanding a formal contract for himself and his technical bench. Akina Twahir came out backing him saying his move was wise since KFF still owes them money. They also asked to be paid since Lama should not get preferential treatment just for being a foreigner.

Seemingly in a world of their own, KFF strongmen Dan Omino and A. Sambu brushed it all aside as if it wasn't really important. It was all yada yada, "Lama will be back, don't worry" yada "We have a sponsor in waiting, just have to finalise things" yada.

As some teams declared they will not participate in the upcoming President's cup.

Its all too familiar; they always f*** us up-whoever really manages Kenyan soccer-KFF, KPL.......whoever, should just be..........[I almost said SHOT]

I should have.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Lama, Our Coach

Friends, get a load of this:

It has now emerged that Lama is yet to get a professional contract and still stays at the Kshs. 10,000 per night SafariPark Hotel. The KFF has not formalized contracts with his assistants Ghost Mulee and Arnold Origi. Under these circumstances, it is clear that Lama was doing a lot of charity work.

Surprisingly, while Lama was being pelted with bottles and stones, KFF officials were nowhere to be seen, as they had sneaked out of the stadium through the VIP exits. That being the case, it is more than obvious that the head coach should be fully in-charge of the national team, and be provided unlimited access to facilities. He should also get direct assistance from the Ministry of Sports, currently under the able direction of Hon. Maina Kamanda.
Go here for the full story.

A few comments on the above post:
Yes we lost, yes there are many reasons for the loss.
many coaches the world over operate under strident conditions, even teams participating in the world cup, especially from Africa often go through a lot.
the suggestions by KF that we grant Lama a blank cheque cannot go unchallenged. Before taking the job, Lama knew what, where etc of our football. They failed to deliver period. His neck is on the chopping board because we expected something better - three losses in a row is too much to take especially for teams ranked below us.
If Lama cannot work within the demanding constraints of Kenya, he better does the needful. As a soccer fan, i'm not comfortable with a francophone coach- oter games are different, soccer is unique. Most leaned people have diffulties in understanding him during interviews, what about our mostly average players? Kenyans have a way of doing things, like most anglo-phones, a francophone coach inexperieced at the international level will face serious challenges. Ndenga Nyakwar Taya

he needs our support as kenyans who are proud of our country,but if we decide to become pessimists we will not add any value to ourselves,if we continue throwing abuses at our players instead of giving support ot them then we are breaking them and not making them it doesnt make a team by being happy that it was oilech who lost the penalty,that being a traitor. Dj Lovett

My take:
Although 3 losses in a row is hard to take for a proud Kenyan like myself, I still beleive Lama should be given some more time. Especially if he is being frustrated by the usual suspects, akina KFF.

Its sad, indeed, to read of the kind of mess that KFF puts us in. We try so hard to love our football but in the end it doesn't even matter! Why do the people who are supposed to lead us, to channel our love btray us so? Why, oh why?

Yote yawezekana bila KFF!

However, this doesn't give LAMA the opportunity to mess us up. If you can't handle the job, now that you know what being the head coach of Kenya really means, then you must leave. NOW!! But if you genuinely want to give it a real hard honest effort then I'm with you.


Eritrea 2 Kenya 1
That says it all. Maybe you still dont get it: ERITREA 2 Kenya 1.
Kenya is only the 3rd country ever to lose to Eritrea.

What can I say, it was shameful and downright disturbing. I mean, a new coach , new kit, new sponsor, new players........things were looking good. Only for Eritrea in cohoots with Origi and Oliech to shatter our dreams.

Which international goalie ever missed as Origi did? For those of you who didn't see the match, the first goal came very strangely indeed. A routine back pass resulted in an embarrasing disaster. Suffice it to say that Origi, who is normally very dependable, alijaribu kurusha mguu mbinguni and the ball went under and into the open goal. 1-0, 14 minutes into the game. Mambo equalised mid SECOND HALF with a superb header only for Eritrea to equalise barely two minutes later courtesy of a Musa Otieno blunder (missed header). A few minutes later, Oliech misses a penalty, shooting it wide of the goal.

I tell you, I've seen kenya play worse but I can't really remember when. I guess I had come to Kasarani, together with 17999 other Kenyans, full of hope and expecting nothing less than a 5-0 thrashing of our Northern brethren. Talk of hopes being ruthlessly dashed and the most rude awakening to face the cruel reality that kenyan football is in trouble!

The fans were great. We never gave up hope.......till Oliech missed that penalty. We always knew we could win the match, only when Oliech brought us back down to Earth did the 'Lama must go' and 'yote yawezekana bila Lama' chants start. We were previously doing, 'We love you Lama'.

If you think about it rationally, Kenya didn't play very badly. It wasn't good stuff but it was palatable, for now. We controlled the match from start to finish but just couldn't score. It was like modern day Arsenal who do all the hard running but still can't score. In fact, we were a bit worse coz we didn't have that many shots on goal!

But I'm still hopeful. Its just the first game. We could always improve. Plus:Swaziland wanakaa hawajui anything about footah, going by their 2-0 loss to Angola.'t play very well. Anyhoo, the onus is now on Lama. Show us what you're worth, man!

In other news, Kenya's longest soap ended last weekend. Sony Sugar won the Kenya Premier League with a 1-1 draw with Shabana.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Originally uploaded by moshthepitt.
The average Kenyan football fan is starved of any real local football frenzy or excitement. Being in a rural high school, this was especially true for us. The problem was further compounded by the fact that we were about to face the toughest exams of our lives.
I remember that day perfectly. It was a hot Wednesday afternoon, just a few days to our final - national - high school exams. Due to this, we were uptight, tired and full of worry. AND we had not played football for months!
On that fateful day, we got a break. Forty minutes at the field playing the game we all love! This was a godsend. We were, after all, dedicated lovers of the game and a decent team that loved playing together. Those 40 minutes were amongst the very best in my whole high school life and no words could adequately describe them. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, refreshing and soothing game that took away all our worry, at least for a few hours.
As fate would have it, it would be the last game we ever played together. At the end of the 40 minutes of magic, our moment of joy-the purest form of joy (that brought on by football) was, thankfully, captured on film and framed in a time capsule for us to cherish forever.
This just goes to show that no matter who you are, no matter what you do, whatever your worry - even if its the worst kind of not having a good team to support - the game will always love you. All you have to do is love it back, and celebrate it!

PS-just takin a break from the usual.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Calling out to YOU!

So coach lama jetted in this week to meet his team and staff for the first time, and get down to work. I don't know, I am getting all excited with anticipation. I have this feeling that Lama will do great despite the mountain that is KFF and Kenya football politics that face him.

His first challenge is to see off the ethiopian in Ethiopia this Saturday. I wish it was in Kenya coz I would have just loved to see Lama's first game in charge. I hope they do well.

Speaking of which, the Kenyan ladies were torn about by the indominatable lionesses of Cameroon and beaten 5-0. In Nairobi! So that makes it 9-0 aggregate. And so we are out of the Cup of Nations(female version). I hear that Kenya played negative football throughout the match, despite them needing to win the match by more than 4 goals. It seems all soccer Kenyan is in trouble.

Today there is an emergency meeting of KFF, KPL and al the premier league clubs to try and sort out the mess that they find themselves in. What mess? Well, Gor were relegated by KPL only for KFF to rule that Gor are not relegated; Mathare United are up in arms after they were relegated by KFF for fielding Mulama, who allegedly was still an APR (Rwanda club ) player; the league champions are still unkown; all the clubs relegated this season are claiming that the league was not fairly run and that they should not be relegated..............

That's where we are at, folks. It all seems like a stand-off between KPL and KFF. Who runs the premier league? If it is not KPL then what's it purpose, why have it? If its KPL then what in God's name is KFF doing meddling in KPL's affairs. I do not have any answers to these (or these) questions. Do you know anyone who does....If you do, then let him know that I'm calling out to him/her. Please answer my questions.

In other News, Kenya are due to play Tanzania in Nairobi very soon. This is your opportunity to come cheer on Lama and the boys as they demolish the Tanzanians. I won't miss it. Will you?

This story badly needs an un-happy ending: Securicor are no more. They were disbanded after their sponsor, formerly Securicor, withdrew all sponsorship. Another club bites the dust.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Hii League Niaje?

The Kenya Premier League champions identity still depends on the outcome of the Sony Vs Shabana match. But, according to the today's Monday Football, Gor can win the league!

Yeah they can. If KPL readmit them into the premier league and If they honor (or are allowed to play all the matches they missed) and If they win all of those matches, then mighty Gor will be the champions of Kenya......IF Sony lose their last match. Those are lots of IFs but its a possibility. And by the way, KFF ruled that KPL should not have relegated Gor and ordered their reinstatement. However, the KPL refused to go back on their decision. So who has more auhority? KFF Vs KPL.

So Kenya have a new coach, Mulee is the assistant and things are looking up for our harambee Stars. As they start training for the first Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Eritrea, lets all take a moment and pray that KFF don't mess this one up. Lets face it, time and again Kenya's qualification campaign starts so brightly only for some KFF fat cats to mess it up.

In the meantime, the female Harambee Stars lost heavily to Cameroon in Cameroon last week. Pray for them also as they prepare for the return leg and lets all swarm to the stadium on that fateful day to shout down the West Africans all the way back home.

Still on this, I found it puzzling that after Kenya's loss some new players were called up to 'stregnthen' the team. So, is this to say that the 'srongest' team did'nt go to Cameroon? Why? How? Didn't they want to win?

Does anyopne from KFF or KPL or anyone even remotely connected to the management of Kenyan football read this blog? You might have noticed my restraint at pointing fingers and villifying you. I urge you to respond in kind and kindly answer, or attempt to answer, my questions.

Here's some Zizou fun.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Almost Over

The KPL is almost over. Currently, most teams have played their last matches and Tusker and Sony are tied at the top with 74 points, Sony having played fewer games.

Its going right down to the wire. The identity of the new champions will be revealed after the fate of the aborted Sony Vs Shaban match is decided. Its exciting stuff!

Over the weekend, tusker battled to a 3-2 win over Shabana to keep their title hopes alive in a pulsating encounter.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Forza Italia! WM 1093
Originally uploaded by
"..........Italy the great! Left back the great! Happy birthday to Maldini! Forza Italia! The victory belongs to Italy, to Grosso, to Cannavaro, to Zambrotta, to Buffon, to Maldini, to everyone who loves Italian soccer!" An Italy-crazy Chinese commentator.
I'd like to know what he was like when Grosso slotted in the last kick.

Well, Its over. We have new world champions. Its time to head home, relax and plot for the next world cup. Lets hope we also do the same.

Here's a running commentary for the whole world cup, all the matches!

Weekend results:
Ulinzi 4 Mathare 2
Hope 3 Sher 0

AFC 0 Kisumu 1
Mumias 1 Ulinzi 0
Mathare 1 Securicor 0


Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Road to 2010 WM 906
Originally uploaded by
Amidst all the fanfare of the World Cup I must admit that I simply must go to the world cup in SA. I feel like I can't afford to miss this month-long party, especially when the tournament is coming home to Africa.

I would simply love it if the Harambee Stars would make it with me to SA 2010. And we can do it! We're in an 'easy' group in which the only real threat should be Angola.

Here's a nice post on how we can ensure that we get to SA.

The weekend saw another stunning effort by Shabana when they came fron 2 nil down to beat Mathare Youth 3-2 in a pulsating encounter.
Shabana 3 Mathare Youth 2
Securicor 3 Berets 1
KCB 2 Agro 1

July 3 2006: Please note the correction below:
The.Hanyeé said...

We're in an 'easy' group in which the only real threat should be Angola.

Umm..pole for the correction but this is for the Africa Cup of Nations 2008 Qualifiers...these will have nothing to do with the WC2010..the qualifiers for the Africa Cup of Nations 2010 will be the ones used to determine Africa's reps at the World Cup later that year...

Either way...we need to get our act together to even navigate the "easy" group to get to Ghana in 2008...intensely and fast..

Sunday, June 25, 2006

AFC Hold Tusker

The AFC Leopards surprised us all when they held Tusker to a 1-1 draw courtesy of a last minute penalty. Elsewhere, both tusker's and Mumias' champion aspirations hit a stump as they both lost on Sunday in what can only be described as shocking defeats.

Other results:
Sony 1 Agro 0
Sher 2 Kangemi 1
Ulinzi 2 Telkom 2
AFC 1 Tusker 1
Shabana 1 Chemelil 0
Securicor 2 Tusker 1
Coast 2 Mumias 0
Thika 1 berets 0
AFC 2 Mathare 1

Saturday, June 17, 2006

World Cup Fever

Hi everyone. I hope you're all as exhausted as me at having cheered all world-cup long.
Its heartbreak indeed for the Ivory Coast but Angola and Tunisia got two points for us so there's hope, ama?
Ghana and Togo may also pull something off, lets hope.

The Kenya Premier League resumes this weekend and will probably not get anyone's attention but if you have time, go and watch a game and learn the names of the ones you'll be cheering for in 2010 where Kenya have a good shot at making an appearance.(I certainly will!)

I came across an interesting site. There are many sites streaming world cup games for free(I think) but I think this site is the only one doing it in 2D, live! Try it: GlobalScore.

Other World Cup Links:
Running Commentary by our very own mama mia
2006 fanposter or read about this great opportunity.
The official worl cup blog.
The official World Cup site.
World Cup @ google.
The list would'nt be complete without some cool world cup photos.

Have a lovely weekend.

Lets thank the Ivory Coast for giving us something to cheer on, and good football.
God bless Ghana!!

KPL Results:
Thika 2 Shabana 1
Mathare Youth 1 World Hope 1
AFC 0 Chemelil 0

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Passion

I felt it yesterday. It was exciting and completely fulfilling. It was all-consuming!

Did you feel it too?

Having left the comforts of home, I found myself in a local pub that was completely jam-packed full of football fans. There must have been 300+ people and the air was heavy, making it difficult to breath. No one was complaining, though. The occasion? Argentina Vs Ivory Coast.

Could you believe that there was absolutely bo soul in support of the mighty Argentina at that particular pub? Yeah. We cheered, we jeered, we cursed, we laughed and, ultimately, we left for home bitterly disappointed.

I don't particularly like Drogba but when he scored, the whole pub erupted into a whole 5 minutes of wild celebrations(me inclusive). The match was lost but the Ivory Coast fought bravely and gave us heart to return to that same pub for the Angola game.

We were real fans. If we had known the Ivory Coast anthem, we'd have sung it. However, I do believe that everyone was secretly wishing that it was Kenya out there doing us proud. I so wish this were so.

The World Cup looks likely to overshadow the national league but here are the results:

Mathare 2 Ulinzi 0
Sony 1 Chemelil 0
Telkom 0 Mathare Youth 1
W.Hope 0 Agro 0
Securicor 0 Shabana 0
Thika 2 Kangemi 0
Ulinzi 0 Coast 0

What is goin on? Ivory Coast, Angola and Ghana lost! I dont think I can take any more disappointment but still I soldier on. Lets pray for both Togo and Tunisia.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Gor Mahia, can you hear me?

So after an anonymous fan paid off Gor's fine (sh. 45000) Gor still refuse to honor their matches claiming that...........I dont know; what is their reason?

It must be good because everytime they forfeit a match they lose points and as you might well know, they're awfully close to relegation. An interesting drama is unfolding. After Gor take KPL to court, can they be given an opportunity to regain all their lost points? I do not think so.( At whose inconvenience?)

My lawyer friend was saying that Gor should (at law) strive to mitigate their losses, even if they plan to take KPL to court, but do I say? Gor 'lost' 6 more points over the long weekend.

Here are the results:
Sony 1 Kangemi 1
Tusker 1 Berets 1
Chemelil 2 Ulinzi 1

Agro 3 AFC 1
Securicor 2 Hope 0
Kangemi 2 Shabana 1
Sher 3 KCB 0

Thika 1 Mathare 1
Agro 3 Berets 0
Hope 1 AFC 0

Now the good news: A Belgian organisation is financing the setting up of Under-12 and Under-16 football leagues.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kenyan Blogger's Day

Nyayo Stadium
Originally uploaded by moshthepitt.
As we remember Madaraka day come Kenyan Blogger's day, Lets also remember that blogging is driven by the need to have a free voice speaking out for/against anyone.
For all the bloggers out there, we love you.
For all the non-bloggers, why dont you blog?
This being such a special day, why not head over to Nyayo national Stadium and celebrate it?
Celebrate football! (and fill our stadiums!)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Si we all go to Germany?

I'd like to let you know about an excting thing, the 2006 fanposter.
Better yet, 'hear' it from the horse's mouth:

The Fanposter gives 2006 soccer fans world-wide - especially those
that do not have the time or money to travel to Germany - the chance
to be part of the World Cup. Our goal is to connect enthusiastic fans
- the ambassadors of their country - peacefully and face to face on
one giant poster. So far we are pretty successful given the amount of
fans (over 500 fans from 60 countries) and the feedback we receive.

The 2006FanPoster is the fanposter for the 2006 FIFA World Cup
and can
be seen at the final game in the Olympiastadium in Berlin!
Until then we allow 2006 Fans to join the 2006FanPoster to show their
support and enthusiasm for the greatest sporting event of the year!
We are a non-profit fan initiative with the ambitious goal to unite
2006 fans on one large poster. The Fanposter gives fans from all over
the world the opportunity to upload their funniest, craziest, most
memorable fan picture and their supporting cheer (statement). This
service is entirely free for fans who share our passion and
enthusiasm for soccer. So far, over 500 fans from 60 countries have
subscribed and it's great seeing this colorful poster growing every

Our link:
Our logo:
I think this is a great opportunity for us to 'Kenyanise' the poster. I'm proudly
the first kenyan fan to register and I hope many (all) of you will follow suit.

Thank God for football, ama?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Return of Tusker?

It was an absolutely action packed weekend. The only relevant question is: where were YOU?

Tusker FC inched closer to top spot after drawing 1-1 with Mumias in what was the weekend's hottest game. And this is taking into account the other hot game; a 4-1 thrashing of Kisumu Telkom by, you guessed it, Tusker. It looks like we have a winner, Tusker are just one point behind Mumias despite having played 5 games less.

Chemelil 1 W.Hope 0
Tusker 4 Telkom 1
Mathare Youth 1 Agro 0

Mumias 1 Tusker 1
Shabana 1 Berets 0
Chemelil 1 Thika 1
Agro 1 Securicor 0
W.Hope 1 AFC 0

Football being football, you never can know what will really happen. All the top 5 teams have a shot at the title in what appears to be the most exciting season in years.

Gor Fans will be happy to know that Gor is out of the red, so to speak, after paying a fine of sh.45000 imposed on them after their fans roughened up a referee.

The top five teams:

TEAM...........P .....Pts
1.Mumias........ 35... 60
2.Tusker.......... 30... 59
3.Sony............ 31... 58
4.Thika............ 31... 56
5.World Hope....32... 50

Monday, May 22, 2006


Yanga 3 Ulinzi 1
Coast 5 Telkom 1
Red Berets 3 KCB 0
AFC 2 Securicor 0
Tusker 1 Sony 0
Kangemi 2 W.Hope 2
Chemelil 0 Mathare 0

W.Hope 2 Berets 0
Mumias 0 Sher 0
Mathare Youth 0 Sony 0

It was indeed a wretched weekend at the abbatoir for both Ulinzi and Tewlkom.

Telkom's woes were increased by a 5-1 thrashing at the coast while Ulinzi went down 3-1 to the Young Africans (Yanga) of Tanzania in the ongoing CECAFA Kagamen cup.

Elsewhere, AFC avenged a 3-0 defeat to Securicor earlier in the season by beating them 2-0.

Speaking of slaughterhouses, I haven't yet heard of a Kenyan club side that boasts a fortress of a home stadium-except maybe Panpaper who, it is rumored, use the foul smells from their nearby paper factories to their advantage! More seriously, I hear both Sony and Mumias are hard to beat at home.

Can anyone tell me(us) of any other fortress(es)?

Better yet, can anyone name any team's home stadium?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More Drama

In a sudden twist of fate, Mumias jumped to top spot after beating the previous leaders Sony.
A weekend packed with excitement also saw Ulinzi win a match only to lose to St. Georges yesterday in the ongoing Cecafa Kagame Cup. Ulinzi are Kenya's representatives.
AFC's game was called off due to the field being unplayable. Interestingly, it was called off when AFC were leading 1-0.
However, the most exciting action came in the off season Safaricom Super 8 finals at Nyayo stadium. Dandora Youth took home the trophy, and the 250K after winning a thrilling, enjoyable match.
Other Reasults:
Premier League(both Sato and Sunday)
Mumias 1 Shabana 0
Mumias 1 Sony 0
Chemilil 0 Tusker 0
Sher 2 Thika 1
Tusker 2 Agro 1
Securicor 1 M.Youth 1
Rained off:
AFC- Telkom
Mathare- Red Berets

CECAFA Kagame Cup

St. Georges 3 Ulinzi 2
Ulinzi 2 Zanzibar Police 0

Safaricom Super 8 Final
Dandora Youth 1 Huruma 0

Folks, the season looks like it will end spectacularly as all the six leading teams have a realistic shot at being premier league winners.Needless to say, such a situation rarely occurs in any of the european leagues that currently enjoy a cult following.

Team P Pts
Mumias 30 58
Sony 29 57
Tusker 27 52
Thika 32 52
Sher 31 48
World Hop 24 43

In other, totally unrelated news: I,d like to let you know that Egypt( i.e where you can find egyptian pharaos in egyptian pyramids) is not in CECAFA.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Shabana are almost there

This past weekend saw Sony Sugar consolidate their position at the top of the league while Shabana almost assured themselves of relegation in spite of their draw with Gor.

Coast 3 Agro Chemical 1
Telkom 0 Gor 0
World Hope 1 Mumias 0
Chemilil 1 KCB 0

Sher 1 Shabana 1
Mumias 2 Gor 0
Chemilil 0 Mathare Youth 0
Sony 2 Red Berets 0
World Hope 0 Telkom 0

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sony Still Top

Sony are still top after beating Gor Mahia over the Labour day weekend. Moreover, the match did have a fair number of fans. It was great. You shoulda been there. Come to think of it, where were you?

In other news, Tuskers demise from top stop continued after they were beaten by Thika Utd, another team that was once top of the league not too long ago. This is exciting. I dont know who will win this league.

Here are some of the results:

Sony 2 Gor 0
Thika 2 Tusker 1
Mathare Utd 1 Coast 1
Mumias 1 AFC 0

Monday, May 01, 2006

Read This

No soccer news today, I just think you should read this article.
Kudos to Nick for the great post.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sony Hold on to Top Spot

Sony held on to first place by beating World Hope. This is despite good performances by their closest rivals.
Here are the most recent results:

Thika United 2 Securicor 1
Tusker 3 Coast Stars 0
Sony 2 W.Hope 0
Mumias 1 KCB 0
Chemelil 0 Berets 0
Ulinzi 2 AFC 1

Shabana 1 W.Hope 3
Coast 4 Kangemi 1
KCB 2 Shabana 0
Sher 2 Agro 1
Mathare Youth 1 Gor 2

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Utamu Wa Ushindi

Mathare United
Originally uploaded by moshthepitt.
The fruits of one's labour is all sweet. How much sweeter is the fruit of eleven's labour?
Mathare United celebrate their win.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sony Now Top

In a twist of events at the top of the premier league, Sony Sugar went top after the Easter weekend matches. They beat Mathare United 2-0.

Our Kenya under 20 team beat Djibouti 1-o and proceeded to the next round of the competition because Djibouti will not be able to host a home match(and we thought our soccer was bad!).
The Kenyan Ladies team, however, went down to Nigeria and lost embarassingly on aggregate. It seems that problems of old are back to haunt us as the girls lay fault on KFF.

In other news, several matches scheduled for the long weekend were inexplicably postponed.(Actually, it is said that the rescheduling was due to bad weather and the Kenya-Djibouti game.) and it was not immediately clear when they would be played. These matches are:
AFC-Mathare Youth
World Hope-Sher
Thika Utd-Ulinzi
Red Berets-Mathare Youth

The weekend's results:
Sony Sugar 2 Mathare 0
Mumias 0 Chemilil 0
Coast Stars 0 Securicor 0
Kenya 1 Djibouti 0 (Under 20)

Mumias walked over Kisumu Telkom after the latter failed to show up for their game on Sunday at Mumias.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Battle For Top Spot Heats Up

This weekend sees the battle for top spot in major European leagues heat up as runaway leaders seek to cosolidate their position with the chasing pack trying to catch up. Of course, the story is no different right here in Kenya.

The two top teams lost yesterday, thus throwing the title race into the open and making it rather difficult to predict the eventual champoins( unlike in other better known leagues).

Tusker were humiliated and went down 3-0 to Sher Agencies while Thika United were beaten 1-0 by World Hope even after their keeper saved a penalty. This means that any of the four top teams have a real shot at lifting the trophy.

The long weekend isn't over yet so lets hope there'll be more drama....

Enjoy the match you're going to watch.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Thika United Go Top

Thika 4 AFC 1
Tusker 0 Mathare 0
Sony 1 KCB 0
Gor 1 Chemelil 0

KCB 2 Shabana 1
Gor 1 Agro Chemicals 1
Red Berets 0 Kisumu Telkom 0
Ulinzi 5 Securicor 0

AFC Leopard's woes continued as they stayed in contention for relagation. This once mighty giant is now in all sorts of problems. As one of the readers(HASH) asked, what is the problem?
I do not really know but I think its a messy mix of lack of funds, corruption and mismanagement. Can anyone shed some light on this topic?


From Left to Right: Njeri, Nicho, Alice, Jaya

Folks, these are the first four members of the yet unofficial kenyan soccer fan club. The pics were take at the end of the Mathare-Mumias game last weekend. We think everyone else in the stadium was not a real fan but conected to the game in some way(stadium caretaker, player relatives, club officials, reporters etc) so could we be the only real fans at the game?
See you there next weekend!! Posted by Picasa

Game Pics

Kevin Ochieng Celebrates His goal

Referee in action

Game ilikuwa Ngumu
Mathare Launch an attack.

These photos are from last weekends game; Mathare Vs Mumias Posted by Picasa

Tusker Held

We made our way to Kasarani for the weekend's game featuring tusker Vs Mathare United.
Contrary to our expectations of a really, really hot match( tusker were top of the league) the match turned to be an uninspired 0-0 draw whcih saw Tusker lose pole position in the league and reliquish it to the impressive Thika Utd.

In other news, there seems to be a cartel of sorts controlling the entry-fee collection in our premier league matches( or at least in Mathare united games). I noticed this because as I was approaching the stadium entrance, a friendly guy pointed out to me that the game was free, and he did enter free. I, on the other hand, had to pay sh100 despite my protests. Maybe it was because I had females with me. Moreover, my friends Nicho and Ndonga confirmed to me that they paid only sh50. What's going on? And you won't belweive this: the tickets issued to us were those of Mathare's 2002 champions league match. Can anyone elaborate further?

Some good news: our fan base increased to 10 people! Njeri and Alice didn't show up but others did, including Sara, Roy, Ndonga, Nicho, Linda and me. I do realise that you do not know these people so there's no piont in me writing their names. However, I want to evoke some emotion from them when(if?) they read this so that i get them to come back. Cool trick, ama?

Anyway, why didn't you come? No excuses!


This is just to show you how lonely fottball matches can get......don't let this happen. Go watch some football! Ama?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Ma Fans

The unofficial kenya soccer club doubled in number on Sunday to 4 people! We headed for the Mumias Vs Mathare game at the Nyayo National stadium.

Having learnt our lesson last weekend, this time we arrived at around 3.45pm (just before kick-off). Still, we had to wait until after 20 minutes after kick-off to enter the stadium. Why?

The anwer to that question demonstrates our lovely Kenyanness. We're all Kenyans (and we love it!) so Nicho and I weren't surprised to wait the extra 20 minutes for Alice and Njeri, the new fan club members. I suspect they were still in bed at 4.00pm but hey, who cares!

It was worth the wait. We laughed, chatted, caught up on stuff and made lots of lovely noise! The really great thing was that the rest of the fans did so too. It was great! Even though the stadium was still 7/8 empty.

But we'll fill it, won't we? Join us.

Oh, and we got pics. Don't yay! yet though, as the pictures have not yet been transfered onto the net. Its expensive to upload pictures, so please bear with the situation. While taking the pictures, a strange thing happened. We waited till the game ended and tried to 'fake' ourselves cheering. Isn't this deliciously Kenyan?

Have a lovely day.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mumias Sunk by Mathare United

A brilliant secong half goal by Kevin Ochieng sealed Mumias' fate yesterday as they went down 2-0 to Mathare United. United were clearly in control of the game and were duly rewarded by a beautifully taken goal in the first half before Ochieng ensured his team's win.

Other results:
Mathare Utd 2 Mumias 0
Red Berets 4 Sher 1
KCB 1 Thika Utd 0
AFC 1 Kangemi Utd 0
Chemelil 2 Agro Chemical 0
Coast Stars 0 Sony Sugar o
Ulinzi 1 World Hope 1

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

First Game - Tusker Vs KCB

Having gone through hell to find that Tusker would be playing KCB on Sunday at Nyayo National Stadium, my friend Nicholas( aka Nicho- pronounced knee-chow) and I arrived at the stadium at 2pm ready to lose our voices after 90 min of fun.

To our surprise, the place had no indication that any match would be played there that day. No signs, no posters, no attendants......just worshippers streaming out of a church? I guess man really must live.

We walked around aimlessly ( and no one seemed to notice us) until we came across a friendly old man who rudely warned us never to ask anything of him, ever. A friendly woman finally answered our question. There would be a game after all, at 4pm.

[4pm] The tickets were sh. 100 at the main entrance. The only visible indication of the impending start of the game was the KCB 'bread' bus bringing their players and the burly gate attendants/ticket sellers.

The game itself was a dull affair but you could see that the quality of the football was not as bad as people usually say it is. It was watchable, even exciting at times.

The thing that was missing, however, was the fans. I estimate that approximately 100 people were ther with the majority of these being club officials, players' family and reporters (who, by the way, seemed more interested in reading newspapers than watching the game).

In my humble opinion, all that was needed was a few loud fans to set the atmosphere alight. Hopefully you'll join us to do just that next weekend.

The match ended 1-0 with Tusker winning after being awarded a controversial late penalty. Their goalkeeper, Victor Onyango, slot in the spot kick.

Sorry folks, no pictures yet but the rest of the weekend's results are:

Tusker 3 World Hope 1
Mathare United 1 Kisumu Telcom 1
Ulinzi 1 Mathare Youth 1
Thika United 1 Coast Stars 0
KCB 0 Tusker 1
Gor Mahia 1 Securisor 0
World Hope 3 Coast Stars 1
Kangemi United 2 Kisumu Telcom 0
Sher Agencies 0 Chemelil 0
Mumias 1 Red Berets 1

The Plan

Wouldn't it be great to have Kenyans follow local soccer with as much passion as Europeans follow their soccer (or even as much as Kenyans follow european soccer)?

That is the plan. To build up a following for local soccer. It'll take time but we'll get there, I beleive. But how we do it, I have no idea. Do you?

I have noticed a lack of information on Kenyan soccer and have decided to provide the missing info. With information I hope to culture interest in local soccer ultimately leading to unconditional love for the local game.

I have almost zero resources at my disposal so, at least at the beginning, it'll be hard. For instance, there won't be as many pictures as I want there to be but I guess its a start.
My friends and I have formed a local soccer association and we aim to attend at least one game every weekend, make noise, take pictures, have fun and then tell you all about it in hopes of interesting you to join us.

It is a good plan? I don't know. What do you think?

Lastly, I ask one thing of you: support this blog by reading it, at least occasionally. We all want to further develop our soccer, don't we?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

First Post

To put it simply, this blog is about the beautiful game. The game of soccer, the only game to ever be described as a religion.

I recently tried to find the Kenya premier league fixtures and was shocked at just how difficult it was. I still have not found the league standings table.

Kenyans do love soccer, right? Then why don’t we love our own soccer? I already know what you’re going to say (corruption, mismanaged, low quality football), yeah I’ve heard it all before, and I’ve even said it. BUT, as fans don’t we have responsibility to love the game regardless of what happens? I mean, that’s what soccer is all about; you win, sometimes you lose, you even get relegated, anything can happen in football but the passion of soccer fans lives on, it must. So that when your team gets out of the doldrums, success is that much sweeter because ma-fans wanajua wametoka mbali.

Soccer already has a passionate following in Kenya- you should only see the scramble for seats at pubs that offer DSTV on weekend afternoons, or even for Harambee Stars’ match tickets. But we need more passion.

That’s what this blog is about: the further development of Kenyan Soccer.