Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sony Hold on to Top Spot

Sony held on to first place by beating World Hope. This is despite good performances by their closest rivals.
Here are the most recent results:

Thika United 2 Securicor 1
Tusker 3 Coast Stars 0
Sony 2 W.Hope 0
Mumias 1 KCB 0
Chemelil 0 Berets 0
Ulinzi 2 AFC 1

Shabana 1 W.Hope 3
Coast 4 Kangemi 1
KCB 2 Shabana 0
Sher 2 Agro 1
Mathare Youth 1 Gor 2

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Utamu Wa Ushindi

Mathare United
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The fruits of one's labour is all sweet. How much sweeter is the fruit of eleven's labour?
Mathare United celebrate their win.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sony Now Top

In a twist of events at the top of the premier league, Sony Sugar went top after the Easter weekend matches. They beat Mathare United 2-0.

Our Kenya under 20 team beat Djibouti 1-o and proceeded to the next round of the competition because Djibouti will not be able to host a home match(and we thought our soccer was bad!).
The Kenyan Ladies team, however, went down to Nigeria and lost embarassingly on aggregate. It seems that problems of old are back to haunt us as the girls lay fault on KFF.

In other news, several matches scheduled for the long weekend were inexplicably postponed.(Actually, it is said that the rescheduling was due to bad weather and the Kenya-Djibouti game.) and it was not immediately clear when they would be played. These matches are:
AFC-Mathare Youth
World Hope-Sher
Thika Utd-Ulinzi
Red Berets-Mathare Youth

The weekend's results:
Sony Sugar 2 Mathare 0
Mumias 0 Chemilil 0
Coast Stars 0 Securicor 0
Kenya 1 Djibouti 0 (Under 20)

Mumias walked over Kisumu Telkom after the latter failed to show up for their game on Sunday at Mumias.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Battle For Top Spot Heats Up

This weekend sees the battle for top spot in major European leagues heat up as runaway leaders seek to cosolidate their position with the chasing pack trying to catch up. Of course, the story is no different right here in Kenya.

The two top teams lost yesterday, thus throwing the title race into the open and making it rather difficult to predict the eventual champoins( unlike in other better known leagues).

Tusker were humiliated and went down 3-0 to Sher Agencies while Thika United were beaten 1-0 by World Hope even after their keeper saved a penalty. This means that any of the four top teams have a real shot at lifting the trophy.

The long weekend isn't over yet so lets hope there'll be more drama....

Enjoy the match you're going to watch.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Thika United Go Top

Thika 4 AFC 1
Tusker 0 Mathare 0
Sony 1 KCB 0
Gor 1 Chemelil 0

KCB 2 Shabana 1
Gor 1 Agro Chemicals 1
Red Berets 0 Kisumu Telkom 0
Ulinzi 5 Securicor 0

AFC Leopard's woes continued as they stayed in contention for relagation. This once mighty giant is now in all sorts of problems. As one of the readers(HASH) asked, what is the problem?
I do not really know but I think its a messy mix of lack of funds, corruption and mismanagement. Can anyone shed some light on this topic?


From Left to Right: Njeri, Nicho, Alice, Jaya

Folks, these are the first four members of the yet unofficial kenyan soccer fan club. The pics were take at the end of the Mathare-Mumias game last weekend. We think everyone else in the stadium was not a real fan but conected to the game in some way(stadium caretaker, player relatives, club officials, reporters etc) so could we be the only real fans at the game?
See you there next weekend!! Posted by Picasa

Game Pics

Kevin Ochieng Celebrates His goal

Referee in action

Game ilikuwa Ngumu
Mathare Launch an attack.

These photos are from last weekends game; Mathare Vs Mumias Posted by Picasa

Tusker Held

We made our way to Kasarani for the weekend's game featuring tusker Vs Mathare United.
Contrary to our expectations of a really, really hot match( tusker were top of the league) the match turned to be an uninspired 0-0 draw whcih saw Tusker lose pole position in the league and reliquish it to the impressive Thika Utd.

In other news, there seems to be a cartel of sorts controlling the entry-fee collection in our premier league matches( or at least in Mathare united games). I noticed this because as I was approaching the stadium entrance, a friendly guy pointed out to me that the game was free, and he did enter free. I, on the other hand, had to pay sh100 despite my protests. Maybe it was because I had females with me. Moreover, my friends Nicho and Ndonga confirmed to me that they paid only sh50. What's going on? And you won't belweive this: the tickets issued to us were those of Mathare's 2002 champions league match. Can anyone elaborate further?

Some good news: our fan base increased to 10 people! Njeri and Alice didn't show up but others did, including Sara, Roy, Ndonga, Nicho, Linda and me. I do realise that you do not know these people so there's no piont in me writing their names. However, I want to evoke some emotion from them when(if?) they read this so that i get them to come back. Cool trick, ama?

Anyway, why didn't you come? No excuses!


This is just to show you how lonely fottball matches can get......don't let this happen. Go watch some football! Ama?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Ma Fans

The unofficial kenya soccer club doubled in number on Sunday to 4 people! We headed for the Mumias Vs Mathare game at the Nyayo National stadium.

Having learnt our lesson last weekend, this time we arrived at around 3.45pm (just before kick-off). Still, we had to wait until after 20 minutes after kick-off to enter the stadium. Why?

The anwer to that question demonstrates our lovely Kenyanness. We're all Kenyans (and we love it!) so Nicho and I weren't surprised to wait the extra 20 minutes for Alice and Njeri, the new fan club members. I suspect they were still in bed at 4.00pm but hey, who cares!

It was worth the wait. We laughed, chatted, caught up on stuff and made lots of lovely noise! The really great thing was that the rest of the fans did so too. It was great! Even though the stadium was still 7/8 empty.

But we'll fill it, won't we? Join us.

Oh, and we got pics. Don't yay! yet though, as the pictures have not yet been transfered onto the net. Its expensive to upload pictures, so please bear with the situation. While taking the pictures, a strange thing happened. We waited till the game ended and tried to 'fake' ourselves cheering. Isn't this deliciously Kenyan?

Have a lovely day.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mumias Sunk by Mathare United

A brilliant secong half goal by Kevin Ochieng sealed Mumias' fate yesterday as they went down 2-0 to Mathare United. United were clearly in control of the game and were duly rewarded by a beautifully taken goal in the first half before Ochieng ensured his team's win.

Other results:
Mathare Utd 2 Mumias 0
Red Berets 4 Sher 1
KCB 1 Thika Utd 0
AFC 1 Kangemi Utd 0
Chemelil 2 Agro Chemical 0
Coast Stars 0 Sony Sugar o
Ulinzi 1 World Hope 1