Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Normal Service?

So this weekend saw the return of action to the local league, albeit under the confusing circumstances of the FIFA ban and the looming danger of parallel league chaos all over again.

Still, its better than nothing, right? Let's hope we don't slip any more and that this turns out to be a step forward.

Here are the results:

Sony 1 Ulinzi 0
Mathare United 3 Coast Stars 0

The Chemelil Vs Agro Chemicals match was not played because Agrochem refused to play it, citing chaos in the local league. Let's hope that they'll live to regret that decision and that there's no chaos.

Other results (Sunday's):
AFC 0 Gor 0
Sony 1 Red Berets 0
Tusker 2 Mathare youth 0
World Hope 2 Coast Stars 1

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I don't know if we'll get some regular football action back any time soon. Evrything seems to be going horribly wrong regarding our football. But I guess we just have to hope that all goes well.

Hope to hold on,
Hope to believe in,
Hope to faith,
Hope to trust,
Hope to endure,
Hope to God,