Saturday, December 30, 2006

Would you go see a local game?

So here are the results of this survey.

So this means that only 4 in 10 of you would go watch a local football game. Incidently, 2 in 10 of you would NOT go to see a local game.
Why is this so?
Don't we all want our game to grow?
Tell me: why would YOU go see a local game? What needs to be done before YOU can go see a local game?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Perceptions. A survey.

Nyayo National Stadium
Originally uploaded by moshthepitt.
Scenes of empty stadiums are not uncommon during even the best matches in the Kenya premier league.

In an attempt to find out why, I came across the startling discovery that people thought going to a stadium, to watch Kenyan football, was a bit 'extreme' and even unsafe. Most people simply laughed at my suggestion for them to accopmany me to the next match.

Yet these guys are die hard football fans whop wouldn't bet an eye-lid before heading to Tacos for the Manu-Arsenali game or even a local rugby game.

I'm not sure wat this means. Therefore, I'm extending my survey to you guys. Please vote on the poll below.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

We're Back!!

Some of you were probably wondering what the hell happened to this blog. I mean, its been what two months?

Well, never fear, kenyansoccer is here. (I always wanted to say that!). Its just been a rally busy couple of months that has kept me away from blogging. Besides, we all know the shambles that our Kenyan soccer is in; it was kinda depressing blogging about all the shenanigans.

But the premier league is about to re-start and we're still praying for the Harambee stars so its about time we witness the return of Kenyan Soccer to the blogsphere!

I've got some exciting news: I'm very close to securing the use of a camera(+video) phone for this blog so you should expect loads of pics and clips when the matches start! Have a lovely day, everybody!