Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Si we all go to Germany?

I'd like to let you know about an excting thing, the 2006 fanposter.
Better yet, 'hear' it from the horse's mouth:

The Fanposter gives 2006 soccer fans world-wide - especially those
that do not have the time or money to travel to Germany - the chance
to be part of the World Cup. Our goal is to connect enthusiastic fans
- the ambassadors of their country - peacefully and face to face on
one giant poster. So far we are pretty successful given the amount of
fans (over 500 fans from 60 countries) and the feedback we receive.

The 2006FanPoster is the fanposter for the 2006 FIFA World Cup
and can
be seen at the final game in the Olympiastadium in Berlin!
Until then we allow 2006 Fans to join the 2006FanPoster to show their
support and enthusiasm for the greatest sporting event of the year!
We are a non-profit fan initiative with the ambitious goal to unite
2006 fans on one large poster. The Fanposter gives fans from all over
the world the opportunity to upload their funniest, craziest, most
memorable fan picture and their supporting cheer (statement). This
service is entirely free for fans who share our passion and
enthusiasm for soccer. So far, over 500 fans from 60 countries have
subscribed and it's great seeing this colorful poster growing every

Our link:
Our logo:
I think this is a great opportunity for us to 'Kenyanise' the poster. I'm proudly
the first kenyan fan to register and I hope many (all) of you will follow suit.

Thank God for football, ama?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Return of Tusker?

It was an absolutely action packed weekend. The only relevant question is: where were YOU?

Tusker FC inched closer to top spot after drawing 1-1 with Mumias in what was the weekend's hottest game. And this is taking into account the other hot game; a 4-1 thrashing of Kisumu Telkom by, you guessed it, Tusker. It looks like we have a winner, Tusker are just one point behind Mumias despite having played 5 games less.

Chemelil 1 W.Hope 0
Tusker 4 Telkom 1
Mathare Youth 1 Agro 0

Mumias 1 Tusker 1
Shabana 1 Berets 0
Chemelil 1 Thika 1
Agro 1 Securicor 0
W.Hope 1 AFC 0

Football being football, you never can know what will really happen. All the top 5 teams have a shot at the title in what appears to be the most exciting season in years.

Gor Fans will be happy to know that Gor is out of the red, so to speak, after paying a fine of sh.45000 imposed on them after their fans roughened up a referee.

The top five teams:

TEAM...........P .....Pts
1.Mumias........ 35... 60
2.Tusker.......... 30... 59
3.Sony............ 31... 58
4.Thika............ 31... 56
5.World Hope....32... 50

Monday, May 22, 2006


Yanga 3 Ulinzi 1
Coast 5 Telkom 1
Red Berets 3 KCB 0
AFC 2 Securicor 0
Tusker 1 Sony 0
Kangemi 2 W.Hope 2
Chemelil 0 Mathare 0

W.Hope 2 Berets 0
Mumias 0 Sher 0
Mathare Youth 0 Sony 0

It was indeed a wretched weekend at the abbatoir for both Ulinzi and Tewlkom.

Telkom's woes were increased by a 5-1 thrashing at the coast while Ulinzi went down 3-1 to the Young Africans (Yanga) of Tanzania in the ongoing CECAFA Kagamen cup.

Elsewhere, AFC avenged a 3-0 defeat to Securicor earlier in the season by beating them 2-0.

Speaking of slaughterhouses, I haven't yet heard of a Kenyan club side that boasts a fortress of a home stadium-except maybe Panpaper who, it is rumored, use the foul smells from their nearby paper factories to their advantage! More seriously, I hear both Sony and Mumias are hard to beat at home.

Can anyone tell me(us) of any other fortress(es)?

Better yet, can anyone name any team's home stadium?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More Drama

In a sudden twist of fate, Mumias jumped to top spot after beating the previous leaders Sony.
A weekend packed with excitement also saw Ulinzi win a match only to lose to St. Georges yesterday in the ongoing Cecafa Kagame Cup. Ulinzi are Kenya's representatives.
AFC's game was called off due to the field being unplayable. Interestingly, it was called off when AFC were leading 1-0.
However, the most exciting action came in the off season Safaricom Super 8 finals at Nyayo stadium. Dandora Youth took home the trophy, and the 250K after winning a thrilling, enjoyable match.
Other Reasults:
Premier League(both Sato and Sunday)
Mumias 1 Shabana 0
Mumias 1 Sony 0
Chemilil 0 Tusker 0
Sher 2 Thika 1
Tusker 2 Agro 1
Securicor 1 M.Youth 1
Rained off:
AFC- Telkom
Mathare- Red Berets

CECAFA Kagame Cup

St. Georges 3 Ulinzi 2
Ulinzi 2 Zanzibar Police 0

Safaricom Super 8 Final
Dandora Youth 1 Huruma 0

Folks, the season looks like it will end spectacularly as all the six leading teams have a realistic shot at being premier league winners.Needless to say, such a situation rarely occurs in any of the european leagues that currently enjoy a cult following.

Team P Pts
Mumias 30 58
Sony 29 57
Tusker 27 52
Thika 32 52
Sher 31 48
World Hop 24 43

In other, totally unrelated news: I,d like to let you know that Egypt( i.e where you can find egyptian pharaos in egyptian pyramids) is not in CECAFA.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Shabana are almost there

This past weekend saw Sony Sugar consolidate their position at the top of the league while Shabana almost assured themselves of relegation in spite of their draw with Gor.

Coast 3 Agro Chemical 1
Telkom 0 Gor 0
World Hope 1 Mumias 0
Chemilil 1 KCB 0

Sher 1 Shabana 1
Mumias 2 Gor 0
Chemilil 0 Mathare Youth 0
Sony 2 Red Berets 0
World Hope 0 Telkom 0

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sony Still Top

Sony are still top after beating Gor Mahia over the Labour day weekend. Moreover, the match did have a fair number of fans. It was great. You shoulda been there. Come to think of it, where were you?

In other news, Tuskers demise from top stop continued after they were beaten by Thika Utd, another team that was once top of the league not too long ago. This is exciting. I dont know who will win this league.

Here are some of the results:

Sony 2 Gor 0
Thika 2 Tusker 1
Mathare Utd 1 Coast 1
Mumias 1 AFC 0

Monday, May 01, 2006

Read This

No soccer news today, I just think you should read this article.
Kudos to Nick for the great post.