Sunday, June 25, 2006

AFC Hold Tusker

The AFC Leopards surprised us all when they held Tusker to a 1-1 draw courtesy of a last minute penalty. Elsewhere, both tusker's and Mumias' champion aspirations hit a stump as they both lost on Sunday in what can only be described as shocking defeats.

Other results:
Sony 1 Agro 0
Sher 2 Kangemi 1
Ulinzi 2 Telkom 2
AFC 1 Tusker 1
Shabana 1 Chemelil 0
Securicor 2 Tusker 1
Coast 2 Mumias 0
Thika 1 berets 0
AFC 2 Mathare 1

Saturday, June 17, 2006

World Cup Fever

Hi everyone. I hope you're all as exhausted as me at having cheered all world-cup long.
Its heartbreak indeed for the Ivory Coast but Angola and Tunisia got two points for us so there's hope, ama?
Ghana and Togo may also pull something off, lets hope.

The Kenya Premier League resumes this weekend and will probably not get anyone's attention but if you have time, go and watch a game and learn the names of the ones you'll be cheering for in 2010 where Kenya have a good shot at making an appearance.(I certainly will!)

I came across an interesting site. There are many sites streaming world cup games for free(I think) but I think this site is the only one doing it in 2D, live! Try it: GlobalScore.

Other World Cup Links:
Running Commentary by our very own mama mia
2006 fanposter or read about this great opportunity.
The official worl cup blog.
The official World Cup site.
World Cup @ google.
The list would'nt be complete without some cool world cup photos.

Have a lovely weekend.

Lets thank the Ivory Coast for giving us something to cheer on, and good football.
God bless Ghana!!

KPL Results:
Thika 2 Shabana 1
Mathare Youth 1 World Hope 1
AFC 0 Chemelil 0

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Passion

I felt it yesterday. It was exciting and completely fulfilling. It was all-consuming!

Did you feel it too?

Having left the comforts of home, I found myself in a local pub that was completely jam-packed full of football fans. There must have been 300+ people and the air was heavy, making it difficult to breath. No one was complaining, though. The occasion? Argentina Vs Ivory Coast.

Could you believe that there was absolutely bo soul in support of the mighty Argentina at that particular pub? Yeah. We cheered, we jeered, we cursed, we laughed and, ultimately, we left for home bitterly disappointed.

I don't particularly like Drogba but when he scored, the whole pub erupted into a whole 5 minutes of wild celebrations(me inclusive). The match was lost but the Ivory Coast fought bravely and gave us heart to return to that same pub for the Angola game.

We were real fans. If we had known the Ivory Coast anthem, we'd have sung it. However, I do believe that everyone was secretly wishing that it was Kenya out there doing us proud. I so wish this were so.

The World Cup looks likely to overshadow the national league but here are the results:

Mathare 2 Ulinzi 0
Sony 1 Chemelil 0
Telkom 0 Mathare Youth 1
W.Hope 0 Agro 0
Securicor 0 Shabana 0
Thika 2 Kangemi 0
Ulinzi 0 Coast 0

What is goin on? Ivory Coast, Angola and Ghana lost! I dont think I can take any more disappointment but still I soldier on. Lets pray for both Togo and Tunisia.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Gor Mahia, can you hear me?

So after an anonymous fan paid off Gor's fine (sh. 45000) Gor still refuse to honor their matches claiming that...........I dont know; what is their reason?

It must be good because everytime they forfeit a match they lose points and as you might well know, they're awfully close to relegation. An interesting drama is unfolding. After Gor take KPL to court, can they be given an opportunity to regain all their lost points? I do not think so.( At whose inconvenience?)

My lawyer friend was saying that Gor should (at law) strive to mitigate their losses, even if they plan to take KPL to court, but do I say? Gor 'lost' 6 more points over the long weekend.

Here are the results:
Sony 1 Kangemi 1
Tusker 1 Berets 1
Chemelil 2 Ulinzi 1

Agro 3 AFC 1
Securicor 2 Hope 0
Kangemi 2 Shabana 1
Sher 3 KCB 0

Thika 1 Mathare 1
Agro 3 Berets 0
Hope 1 AFC 0

Now the good news: A Belgian organisation is financing the setting up of Under-12 and Under-16 football leagues.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kenyan Blogger's Day

Nyayo Stadium
Originally uploaded by moshthepitt.
As we remember Madaraka day come Kenyan Blogger's day, Lets also remember that blogging is driven by the need to have a free voice speaking out for/against anyone.
For all the bloggers out there, we love you.
For all the non-bloggers, why dont you blog?
This being such a special day, why not head over to Nyayo national Stadium and celebrate it?
Celebrate football! (and fill our stadiums!)