Thursday, August 24, 2006


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The average Kenyan football fan is starved of any real local football frenzy or excitement. Being in a rural high school, this was especially true for us. The problem was further compounded by the fact that we were about to face the toughest exams of our lives.
I remember that day perfectly. It was a hot Wednesday afternoon, just a few days to our final - national - high school exams. Due to this, we were uptight, tired and full of worry. AND we had not played football for months!
On that fateful day, we got a break. Forty minutes at the field playing the game we all love! This was a godsend. We were, after all, dedicated lovers of the game and a decent team that loved playing together. Those 40 minutes were amongst the very best in my whole high school life and no words could adequately describe them. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, refreshing and soothing game that took away all our worry, at least for a few hours.
As fate would have it, it would be the last game we ever played together. At the end of the 40 minutes of magic, our moment of joy-the purest form of joy (that brought on by football) was, thankfully, captured on film and framed in a time capsule for us to cherish forever.
This just goes to show that no matter who you are, no matter what you do, whatever your worry - even if its the worst kind of not having a good team to support - the game will always love you. All you have to do is love it back, and celebrate it!

PS-just takin a break from the usual.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Calling out to YOU!

So coach lama jetted in this week to meet his team and staff for the first time, and get down to work. I don't know, I am getting all excited with anticipation. I have this feeling that Lama will do great despite the mountain that is KFF and Kenya football politics that face him.

His first challenge is to see off the ethiopian in Ethiopia this Saturday. I wish it was in Kenya coz I would have just loved to see Lama's first game in charge. I hope they do well.

Speaking of which, the Kenyan ladies were torn about by the indominatable lionesses of Cameroon and beaten 5-0. In Nairobi! So that makes it 9-0 aggregate. And so we are out of the Cup of Nations(female version). I hear that Kenya played negative football throughout the match, despite them needing to win the match by more than 4 goals. It seems all soccer Kenyan is in trouble.

Today there is an emergency meeting of KFF, KPL and al the premier league clubs to try and sort out the mess that they find themselves in. What mess? Well, Gor were relegated by KPL only for KFF to rule that Gor are not relegated; Mathare United are up in arms after they were relegated by KFF for fielding Mulama, who allegedly was still an APR (Rwanda club ) player; the league champions are still unkown; all the clubs relegated this season are claiming that the league was not fairly run and that they should not be relegated..............

That's where we are at, folks. It all seems like a stand-off between KPL and KFF. Who runs the premier league? If it is not KPL then what's it purpose, why have it? If its KPL then what in God's name is KFF doing meddling in KPL's affairs. I do not have any answers to these (or these) questions. Do you know anyone who does....If you do, then let him know that I'm calling out to him/her. Please answer my questions.

In other News, Kenya are due to play Tanzania in Nairobi very soon. This is your opportunity to come cheer on Lama and the boys as they demolish the Tanzanians. I won't miss it. Will you?

This story badly needs an un-happy ending: Securicor are no more. They were disbanded after their sponsor, formerly Securicor, withdrew all sponsorship. Another club bites the dust.